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                                  dia. 3.2*13m Slag mill
                                  dia.3.2*13m Slag mill
                                  ( Edge driving )
                                  Ⅰ. Technical parameter & technical performance
                                  1.      Specification: dia.3.2*13m
                                  2.      Production capacity: 20-25t/h ( Open circuit,  Slag feeding size:≤25mm, 
                                          Feeding moisture: ≤0.5%,       
                                        Feeding temperature:≤50℃,  Wind speed in mill,1.1-1.2m/s,  Specific surface area:≥420m2/kg)
                                  3.      Rotary speed of mill: 18.7 r/min
                                  4.      Charging capacity of grinding medium: 126t
                                  5.      Main motor: (Jiangsu Motor Plant)
                                           Model: YR1600-8/1430, Power: 1600kw, Rotary speed: 743 r/min, Voltage: 10 kv
                                  6.      Main reducer:
                                            Model: MBY900, Hardened gear surface ( Nanjing High-speed Gear box plant )
                                  7.      Auxiliary motor
                                            Model: YEJ225M-8,     Power: 22kw,    Rotary speed: 740r/min
                                  8.      Auxiliary reducer
                                            Model: ZSY315-Ⅱ,     Speed ratio: i=100,  
                                            Input rotary speed:740r/min
                                  9.      Cooling method: Water cooling
                                  10.  Lubricating method: Thin oil station ( GYXZ-40A )
                                  (1)    Low pressure system
                                        Flow: 40L/min,               Oil supply pressure: 0.4Mpa,
                                        Pump model: CB-B63,    Oil supply temperature: 40±3℃,
                                        Motor: Y112M-6 B35 2.2kw
                                  (2)    High pressure system
                                        Pump model: 2.5MCY14-18,       Flow: 2.5L/min,
                                       Oil supply pressure: 32Mpa,       Motor: Y112M-6  2.2kw
                                  (3)    other performances
                                       volume of oil box: 1m3
                                       Filtering precision: 0.08mm
                                       Filtering area: 0.19m2
                                                      Cooling area: 5m2
                                                      Cooling water consumption: 3.6m2/h
                                                      Heater power: 3kw×3
                                                      Working medium: N22-n320
                                  11.  Weight of equipment: 223t
                                  Ⅱ. Main parts & components, and their materials
                                  1. Main motor: YR1600-8/1430   1600kw   10kv
                                  2. Main reducer: MBY900
                                  3. Auxiliary motor: YEJ225M-8    22kw
                                  4. Auxiliary reducer: ZSY315-Ⅱ i=100
                                  5. Shell: Q235-B   Plate thickness: 32
                                  6. Hollow Shaft: ZG230-570( ZG45 )
                                  7. Bull gear: ZG310-570 ( zg45)
                                  8. Pinion: 40Cr ( Quenching and tempering )
                                  9. Main bushing: The lower seat: HT250
                                                             Bushing body: HT250
                                                            Bushing liner: ( Babbitt alloy ZchSnSb11-6 )
                                  10. Lining board: Medium chrome alloy
                                  11. Single partition: Medium chrome alloy
                                  Ⅲ. Supply scope
                                        1. Rotary part                                       1set
                                        2. Feeding device                                 1set
                                        3. Main bearing device                         2set
                                        4. Discharging device                           1set
                                        5. Lining board and partition plant      1set
                                        6. Driving device ( Bull gear, pinion and housing)    1Unit/set
                                        7. Main motor                                  1Unit
                                        8. Main reducer                                1Unit
                                        9. Auxiliary motor                             1Unit
                                        10. Auxiliary reducer                         1Unit
                                        11. Thin oil station                            2Pcs
                                        12. Shaft coupling                             1Unit/set
                                        13. Base of motor and reducer         1Unit/set
                                        14. Control part                                1Unit


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